About Us

At Healthy Bloom we are commited to the creation of phytocannabinoid products that adhere to the highest standards of purity, efficacy, and quality. We source only premium hemp cultivars, sustainability grown with love and care by family farms in the USA. We then extract and refine the plant's rich phytocannabinoid oil through an eco-friendly proess that preserves its bioactive integrity, which allows for optimal absorption by the body and the maximum health benefits.

Why Healthy Bloom
  • May Improve Sleep
  • May Reduce Anxiety and Promote a Sense of Calm
  • May Relieve Pain and Inflammation
  • May Promote Improved Sense of Well Being
Commitment to Honest and Transparency

At Healthy Bloom, our mission is to produce the purest and highest quality phytocannabinoid products for your health and wellness. Our deep commitment to purity and quality runs through our values, operations, and products. We oversee 100% of the manufacturing process thereby ensuring the consistently produced, lab-tested, quality-controlled finished products. We want to ear your trust, and therefore publish our test results for every batch and every product right here on the website.

Healthy Bloom Path to Purity

We extract and refine our phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil in a state-of-the-art facility that employs Good Manufacturing Practices for foods and supplements. We use carbon dioxide ( CO2) - a basic plant element of earths atmosphere, which plants use to live thrive - to gently extract our rich phytocannabinoid oil at super low temperatures, with no stress or damage to the bioactive constituents of the plant and no chemical-solvent residue. Our Signature natural flavors also make our premium hemp oil products taste delicious!

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